Thursday, October 23, 2014

Enable 3D in Photoshop Cs6

Enable 3D in Photoshop Cs6

Photoshop CS6 Extended incorporates a new 3D tools engine taps the power of your graphics card to deliver blazing fast performance.
The Photoshop CS6 3D engine enables the end user to import 3D objects in a wide range of formats including OBJ, Collada DAE, Flash 3D and Google Earth 4 KMZ. It also enables the creation, import and manipulate of 3D objects directly on the canvas, which in turn provides a higher degree of intuition, greater control and flexibility when dealing with these types of objects.
This step-by-step guide demonstrates how the new Photoshop CS6 3D engine can be used to combine 3D sources and naturally blend in additional light sources, textures and position with traditional 2D original photographs.

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